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The seafood department at Sendik’s Fine Foods features the finest fresh fish in season flown in from around the world. Our selections from Hawaii include such delicacies as yellow fin ahi tuna, kajiki (Pacific blue marlin), opah, mahi mahi, Hawaiian sea bass, and ruby snapper. From Alaska we feature halibut and Copper River salmon, which is out of this world! We also carry Atlantic species of fish, which include organic farmed Scottish salmon, cod, haddock, sole, swordfish, lane snapper, and grouper. From the Great Lakes, we offer Superior whitefish, walleye, trout, and perch.

We also carry a variety of delicious smoked seafood sourced right here in Wisconsin from Ewig’s of Port Washington. You’ll find traditional smoked salmon fillets as well as many varieties of seasoned salmon, smoked whitefish, and trout. We can’t forget their smoked fish spread: It’s great for special occasions or just a treat for you and your family! And to tempt your taste buds even more, we also offer our own seafood salads, spreads, and salsas made from scratch daily.

Our seafood manager has more than 27 years of experience in the business and takes great care in selecting only the freshest seafood for our case. Most of our seafood is brought in whole, which is the best way to inspect it for quality and freshness. Our fully trained staff will fillet your fish to order and can even help with recipe ideas and cooking instructions.

For your entertaining needs, our seafood department specializes in party trays featuring such delicacies as smoked salmon, shrimp, and crab. Please access our catering menu for a description of what we offer and ordering information.

  • Fresh Whole Seafood Flown In From Around The World
  • The Finest Locally Sourced Products From The Great Lakes
  • Seasonal Favorites
  • Homemade Seafood Salads And Spreads
  • Smoked Salmon And Trout
  • Bacon Wrapped Scallops And Shrimp Skewers
  • Live Lobsters And Lobster Tails
  • Snow And King Crab Legs
  • A Large Variety Of Premium Raw And Cooked Shrimp
  • Many Varieties Of Shellfish Including Mussels And Clams
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